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July 30, 2009, 4:57 am
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today i had the pleasure of going to the embassy of egypt to sit in on a talk with mr. amr ramadan. it was extremely boring, though i hid my disappointment well, trying not to visually express my hatred for the people in the audience asking questions already addressed in the speech. 

however, as i was sitting there, i had some time to think and reflect about my time here in washington. and while its not over, im already starting to get sad thinking about it.

i dont know how to feel about leaving washington dc. sadly, i have 10 days left in the city, and though i know that going home is goin to be a welcome comfort, i also know that nothing will ever be the same. 

if you had the opportunity to step into your future, would you ever want to go back to the past?

there is nothing i would like more than to hop in the corrolla and rescue asha from the boredom of lovell lane or traverse 84 to visit gisele. but can you really compare nights spent on facebook in ct, to afternoons spent at georgetown, exploring new ideas; the embassy trips, learning new languages; even getting lost on the metro, just to discover you were never really lost in the first place?

its hard to find the place you know youre meant to be, and then leave it so abruptly…


i cannot express my excitement for the upcoming year at umass. im sure that susan is going to push me to the brink of literally killing her, and that i am going to have to keep a close eye on her macbook so that she doesnt “lose” it, but im looking forward to the challenge. ive successfully kept her alive thus far and i dont think ill have any troubles. i am hoping to introduce harold to lotion, michelle to food, and am happy that i no longer have to house gisele when jusna sex-iles her (though i always enjoy her company). hopefully kyle wont piss me off to much in history class and my coworkers will be as cool as they were last year.  

also, im trying out this whole “patience” thing and it doesnt seem to be working. 

i guess you can’t google instructions for everything.


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I agree, it’s better to be bored in G’town than bored in the middle of nowhere.

Comment by bradleykc

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