yeah buddy, rollin like a big shot
August 11, 2009, 3:07 am
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i dont generally condone this type of musical indulgence, but sometimes you just have to wild out and let the coon tunes take over. today i had a great time hanging out with gisele, one of best friends. i met her at umass even though im sure we’ve prolly given each other the stink eye at some point previous to freshman year. there’s no way you go to the same church and date some of the same guys with out having never even bumped into each other. 

im thinking very hard about severing ties with verizon and make the cross over to att for the iphone. actually, im not thinking about it, ive essentially decided to take the plunge as soon as i have the proper funding (id my cheap jamaican father stops acting up).

im looking forward to a semi reunion this friday with jusna and harold. i dont know warren, but if his party brings me and my friends back together for a night a jolly ol’ drunkenness, then he’s cool in my book. 

off to read before bed, 

and by read i mean, facebook stalk.


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