clinton foundation/letters to a young sistah
August 19, 2009, 3:48 am
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ive been looking into some different organizations doing good work in my field of study and came across the clinton foundation, bill clinton’s personal project dedicated to the economic development of developing nations and the strengthening of international relations between all countries. currently, there isnt much open as far as employment, but i have another two years of undergrad and i will continue to look into there initiatives and progress. i am really not feeling the whole foreign service officers thing, mainly because of my fear of standardized tests and my desire to live in washington dc and not abroad. my co-worker from this summer, bradley, would be perfect for the position, but im not sure its a good fit for me. 

this brings me to a point that was addressed in hill harper’s book, “letters to a young sistah.” in summation, he directed a young woman to map out her life in complete and unrelenting detail, in the hopes that seeing her dreams on paper would allow her to make necessary changes and propel her towards her goals. i think this is an excellent idea, and seeing as how i have nothing to do for the next week, i plan on completing this exercise. i already know that i will fill pages upon pages and am looking foward to seeing the end result (though with the ever changing tide of life, there is never really any true end result or definitive answer to any question). 

thursday i will be having lunch with a good friend and mentor from high school, brandon f. he is an excellent resource and i am so excited to see him again. talking to him always gives me a great sense of motivation and one should always keep people like that around.

until next time. 

“definitions belong to the definer, not the defined.” – toni morrison


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