late night creep(s).
August 27, 2009, 5:22 am
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FacebookChat03there is something about facebook chat that makes me kind of wary, especially in the late night hours. im a night owl and do some of my best work long after most everyone else has hit the sack. when all my emails are sent and all my business attended to, i sign onto facebook to appease my social appetite. however, for the past few weeks, i have found myself bombarded by chat messages from guys i have no business speaking to, particularly at 3 oclock in the morning.

they all start off the same way…”hey ma, was good wit u?” and all end the same way (with no response). but if i had a dime for every guy i passed in the hall ways during four years of high school, or knew through a friend of a friend, who never (or rarely) spoke to me, but now will not let my facebook breathe, i could send everyone’s kids to college. i love catching up with old friends, and even possibly rekindling old flames, but if we were never cool back in the day, what makes you think that your sudden infatuation with my profile is going to change things. and on another note, do guys really think that the patented “hey ma” line is really going to draw in anyone of substance? im a sucker for a southern twang, but if i sense even the slightest hint of hoodrat, you might as well throw in the towel. 

i know this all sounds very picky and elitist, but if good grammar and better pick up lines are too much to ask of a man, then id rather be alone. 

*signing off of facebook chat


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