September 15, 2009, 7:58 pm
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i wish i knew exactly what i wanted to do after my time here at umass. i wish i was a bio student on the fast track to medical school, or a free spirit anxiously awaiting a tour in the peace corps. but i am afraid that i have taken this “liberal education” too literally and have not really specialized in something as concrete or as lucrative as i would have liked.

and don’t get me started on the lack of (compassionate) african american females in my field of interest. finding a mentor, or even someone to advise me on general questions has been the hardest task of my collegiate career thus far. I have been referred to a handful of people who do not return emails or phone calls, or do not wish to take the time to invest in someone else’s future. i hate to seem impatient, but i refuse to wait by my blackberry like an unfed dog, panting and awaiting your assistance. i am a stubborn jamaican, and i will conduct myself as one.

don’t get me wrong, i am not having a life crisis and i do believe that i going places. i made some great connections during my summer internship at the embassy of mexican. i have a strong background in third world foreign policy. i know that i am an excellent writer and a horrible math student. and i know that i have a drive to succeed that is, in many ways, unmatched by a majority of my peers. i just wish that my path was little clearer, and a little more stable. 

i have been thinking things through and while i have not come to any conclusions, this is what i do know…

1. i  do not want to be a foreign service officer. i love traveling and i love the idea of building an international network. but i do not think that my capabilities will be best utilized stamping passports in a rural south american consulate office. 

2. i do love the idea of community development, especially in the ecomonic sense and even more so in the caribbean. call me a softy, but i have a huge bias when i comes to the advancement of the caribbean nations crippled by the world bank group, the imf, and the imperial exploitations of the past three centuries. however, as previously stated, i dont have the best math background and i know that will be a great hindrance towards any advancement in this field. 

3. i am very likable, but i don’t consider myself a people person. i wish that i could warm the hearts of millions with an endearing smile and a confident speech, but the reality is that i am on the shy side and lack the “bubbly-ness” that often characterizes great speakers and leaders. 

all in all, i am not really sure what this stream of consciousness has accomplished, but i like to think that even taking the initiative to articulate my positive attributes as well as my flaws is a step in the right direction. ill keep you (and myself) posted on any further developments. 

it’ll be a long road to the top, but i’ll get there. 




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