losing my balance
September 30, 2009, 4:39 am
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after my last entry berating the follies of the men that come and in and out of my life, i turned to my trusty ipod for solace. i (illegally) downloaded a mix-tape called the warm up by a young fellow named j cole and wanted to get right to the business of harshly critiquing every line in every track, but i had a ton of other things on my mind and never really got around to it. so yesterday, i turned off my phone and lied down the carpet with nothing but the off white ceiling as my scenery and let the 22 songs run their course.  there were some clever lines, some songs that i’ll play coupled with a shot of svedka, and some honest outpourings that ill turn into facebook statuses, but the last song really stuck in my mind. 

losing my balance. 

hmm, even the title gets my wheels turning. 

the song tackles a few different issues, but the subject matter of the last verse is my favorite. i am generally not a fan of the rap homage to women, and there are only a few that i actually respect, but these next lines were so sincere, i could not help but replay them over and over again. 

“wont catch her in the club cuz she ain’t into that/ kind of chick that’d rather rent a flick and get intimate/ say she never f*ck with thug nigg*s, only gentlemen/and yeh that ass is fat, but what’s better is her intellect…

now she got me chillin with her all around the clock/ my homies beefin cuz i never come around a lot/ keep on telling me i changed and things aint the same/ and ever since she came around i never wanna hang/ they tell me that its foul how a chick will me make switch/ but man i cant help it dog, her mind got me whipped.”

alright i know there was an ass reference slipped in there, but come on, doesn’t that just sound perfect? 

i guess i can’t help being a hopeless romantic. i still don’t think that finding an equilibrium between the classic hip-hop romance and the ivy league love story of michelle and barack is impossible. i still have hope that there is a man out there that will be able to discuss the prince between rounds of flip cup. 

hey a girl can dream, right?

but all mushy stuff aside j.cole is really worth checking out. i hope that there isn’t already a band wagon forming, because if that’s the case, i am certainly not the conductor. but good music is good music and for the time being, i like this. 




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