really nobel committee? really?
October 10, 2009, 12:03 am
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_34849_Nobel_Peace_Prizeso i’ve been following this obama, nobel fiasco all day and i am very perplexed. honestly, when i woke up and heard the news, i thought it was a joke. granted, i was a little hungover, but i was still in full grasp of my senses.

dont get me wrong, i am the biggest obama groupie of them all, but…

in my opinion, this was a huge mistake on behalf of the nobel committee. i understand that their intention was to honor obama for his efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between waring nations, as well as the hope he has instilled in the country, and to recognize what his election signifies for american history, but if they wanted to give him a “good job, you’re the first black president” award, they should have just gone ahead and done that. at least that would have been relevant. i think its silly to give one of the highest honors to a man who has been in office for 9 months, while there have been men and women fighting and dying for the maintenance of world peace for decades.

ghandi was nomnated for the nobel peace prize 5 times and was never chosen to receive the award, something that still baffles me, as he led one of the greatest social movements of the 20th century. it is also confusing as to how contemporaries such as morgan tsvangirai and bill clinton were snuffed. if i were bill clinton, i would be throwing hell right now. after negotiating peace treaties during his adminstration, and under taking a number of imperative initiatives with the clinton foundation, it seems as though his achievements, as well as the achievements of many others, have been grossly over looked. more importantly, this has already greatly discredited the award, and will inevitably force obama into a position of living up to something that may never even be accomplished during his time in office. 

i know that this all sounds terribly pessimistic and slightly anti-obama, but i firmly believe in only giving credit where it’s due and being worthy of everything privilege and title bestowed upon you.

with all of that being said, i pray that my president can fulfill all of the promises that he has made, and i have full faith in his capabilities. but i do think that this award would have been more warranted and better appreciate a few years (decades) down the road. i am keeping my fingers crossed that this doesn’t harm obama’s name and legacy, and am looking forward to seeing how this all plays out.


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