December 9, 2009, 11:14 pm
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well hello there finals week. we meet again. 

though i would typically like to take this time to lament about the papers i am buried under, and the exams upon exams i must prepare for, i will instead save the complaints for another time and place. 

to be honest, i am not at all stressed and am just looking forward to a safe return home and the chance to bum around with asha and the gang. i have had a well planned semester and the hard work has made the final leg of this race a smooth one. 

in the mean time, i will be in my room (since all of the slackers on campus have decided to set up camp in the library), watching movies, writing essays, and lounging about with some of my favorite kids. 

auf weidersehen.


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i’m in the library (not b/c i slacked but b/c my teachers suck)… listening to jazz… wishing u were here to study with me ❤

Comment by j-nice

lol the date & time is dec 10 @ 9:24pm btw.. lol idk how they got 2:23 am dec 11th

Comment by j-nice

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