i hope
January 2, 2010, 2:30 am
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ever since i swore to stop biting my nails when i was 11, and then continued in the practice 10 minutes later, i have never been one for the false hope of new years resolutions. however, in my own classic fashion, here is a list of things i hope continue or cease in the year two thousand and ten….

  1. i hope to actually leave college having learned something. it would be nice to have something to show for the multitude of courses i have under my belt aside from good grades. 
  2. i hope to continue growing spiritually, and find whatever it is i am looking for in terms of faith and what not. 
  3. i hope that the men that chose to enter into my life don’t disappoint me, though you can never be truly disappointed by those you do not expect much from. in which case, i hope that some guy can manage to prove me wrong. 
  4. i hope that my parents stop lying to themselves and let this whole divorce thing settle in and take its course 
  5. i hope that the university of massachusetts stops discovering new ways to put my life in financial turmoil. even with a practical full ride, they still find ways to scrape out every penny.
  6. i hope that i have another awakening, similar to the one at the middle of this semester and the one before that this summer.
  7. i hope that all of this big dreaming doesn’t end up hurting me in the long run. 
  8. i hope that i don’t die of swine flu or whatever new disease the hand sanitizer companies create to leach off of american insecurities
  9. i hope i don’t develop any insecurities 
  10. i hope that hip hop and i can renew our vows some time in the spring, things have been rocky between us, but man i used to love h.e.r. 
  11. i hope that my friends and i become closer and that their loyalty towards me deepens, as it already has on my end.
  12. i hope that people learn the meaning of what doing you really is, and why it’s not always the best course of action. 
  13. i hope that i can live up to the expectations that i have for myself, and not interpret my failures as anything more than learning experiences. 
  14. i hope that i find a direction, path, and destination for all of my potential.
  15. i hope to under promise and over deliver 

and with that. i hope to have an excellent year. i can promise nothing more than to be honest with myself, real with others, and faithful to the highest.  

cheers to a another good one. lets hope for the best. 


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