January 5, 2010, 8:42 am
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sometimes i grow annoyed and vehemently frustrated with people and their contradictory opinions and actions. as a result, i like to do things, typically done with others, by myself. this summer i had a number of fun outings to restaurants, museums, and shows, alone.

i’ve always enjoyed my own company. away from the distractions of outside voices, i usually gain a better understanding and a deeper appreciation of the things and events i experience by myself. 

today i had one such solo adventure at the hartford art walk exhibit. and this is what i had the pleasure of witnessing:

i stopped, sat, and stared. and after doing that, this came to mind…

you don’t even know who you are. you are a people of ancient civilizations, and riches in gold and kings. you don’t even know your true family name, you wouldn’t recognize your true language if you heard it… -the autobiography of malcolm x

…so real.

i am notorious for over thinking and over analyzing things, but this is a concept i do not think i am yet capable of dissecting. and so, i won’t. hopefully in time, and with the continued study of myself and my place amidst this atypical reality, i will find a satisfying conclusion. 

as of late, my thoughts have been bigger than myself.

and currently, myself is the only person that grasps the gravity of the situation.

do yourself a favor, and do yourself a favor. 


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