May 24, 2010, 4:48 pm
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according to CNN reports, there has been growing unrest surrounding the extradition of a local drug pin to the united states. apparently, there have been no reports of casualties, but i am sure that in the coming days, the bodies will begin to pile up and the river waters will run thick with the blood of country men. i have seen this scenario play out countless times. there is some sort of political uproar, rioting ensues, the corrupt government reveals its helplessness, and with swift movements, numerous jamaican mothers, fathers, and children are slaughtered in the streets. on the way to school, students are murdered for their shoes; closing up business for the night, proprietors are likely targets.

this is far from the island oasis seen in the Sandals commercials that run, highlighting the rolling mountains, smooth calypso rhythms, and tropical drinks. it would take a difference kind of commercial to show the economic downturn caused by loan debts to the IMF, the national dependency on a flaky tourism industry, and the elections (predetermined months in advance) that lead to the burning of cities. my fortune has given me the opportunity to be removed from the turmoil directly, but my heart has never allowed me to venture very far away. jamaica is where my cousins ride their bikes, where my aunts walk past the gullies, where my great grandmother still tends her land, and where my uncle Cedric was murdered in 2006. unfortunately, i know the intensity of the mounting conflict, and can see past the news reports assuring us that everything will be ok. realism is both a gift and a curse.

my country is in my prayers and in God’s eye.


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