day one:
June 2, 2010, 3:00 am
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my first day at the governahhs office was very interesting to say the least.the day started with a muggy walk to the state house. my more than convenient housing, with my more than pleasant roommate have really made my commute suck a lot less. i have been getting the hang of traversing the boston streets, on which no one uses crosswalks or looks both ways. in any case, i made it to the office in one piece and on time. we went through the hum drum orientation banter. short icebreakers. trivial small talk. took id pictures. toured the building. and then we got to the juice! i was given my first few constituent letters to attend to, a colorful collection of emails and letters from people all around the state, expressing their feelings about the state of massachusetts legislation and flexing their right to voice their opinions. i was not under the impression that so many people utilized the governor’s office to its full capacity, calling in to argue about fuel assistance and unemployment benefits. i am enthused by their fervent passion and unyielding dedication to ensure that their children are receiving everything from the improved public education promised to them or their birthday cards from the office…both of equal importance.

i am looking forward to my first phone calls with the people and first state house events. i am still on the prowl for an event worthy of my louboutins, and i am thinking that a nice state dinner or gala may be a winner.

otherwise, things are well. i will be sure to continue the chronicles of my tv-less nights and overcrowded days.


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