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June 3, 2010, 2:47 am
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this evening, on a train ride back from my boyfriend’s house, in an attempt to save myself from 25 minutes of boredom, i decided to check my bank statements and look into how much money was pouring out of my account (as there is a definite shortage of funds coming in). i have been looking for things to cut out of my daily spending routine and have concluded that my daily iced coffee fix is next on the chopping block. i thought i was being good by opting for dunkin over the pricey drinks at starbucks, but i suppose i am stuck in a lose lose situation.

consider this: if i were to buy a small hazelnut iced coffee every day during lunch, i would be spending $1.39 a day, which calculates to $41.70 a month, totaling $500.40 for the year. now while it is uncommon for me to buy iced coffees in the dead of winter, i still think my point is clear. even if i were only to look at the summer months, that is still $125 that i could be putting towards a new marc jacobs bag or something less important, like my phone bill.

i have never been a math wiz, but when it comes to money (my money in particular) i am a scholar.


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How about you not spend so much on things like a new marc jacobs bag. I’m sure you have plenty of bags. Love ya Melicia.

Comment by Brad

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